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5 Star: "AKA What I Wish I Knew When I Started Pilot Training”

This book is the culmination of a sharp dude going through a lot of crap and paying it forward to others so they won't have to blindly try to do what is right for them. Whether you stay in the military for a career or "close that chapter" of your life and transition to the Airlines, this book has the "there I was" true stories and experiences that give you insight into making your transition much smoother. If you have a friend/son/daughter/neighbor's son or daughter that is just graduating and starting pilot training or someone that is a pilot in the military now, this book is a perfectly timed gift for them as it contains so many "truths" about the airline industry, hiring and strategies to put in place while you build flight time. Well done

-John S, B737 Pilot

5 Star: It's the straight Gouge

Marc is right, the info is out there, but it's spread about everywhere. We, as pilots, are simple people. We appreciate "gouge", or getting the inside scoop on what needs to be done weather it be for a checkride, daily flight, systems knowledge, etc. That is what he has done quite well. I am using this book as my guide as I am literally in the middle of this process. I will count myself as a test case and report back (hopefully when hired by an airline). Thoughtfully written, well put together, concise, easy to digest, and a cold hard slap that making this transition is a FULL TIME JOB. I purchased the "Support Package" and it is working very well for me. I have recommended Cockpit 2 Cockpit to all my friends that are even thinking of taking this route. Better to start right meow than wait and get buried by this process.

-Trent C.


I sincerely wish I had a reference like this when I started my military career. What a great gift to someone starting their flying career and prepping for the airlines in the future. All the questions I have about transitioning are addressed here. No matter what service you are in, this book applies directly to you. Do yourself a huge favor and purchase this book. Marc has done an outstanding job with this straight-to-the-point and easy-to-read book. Even a fighter pilot can read it! Thank You Marc!!!


5 Star: Proven to Work!

This book is a great source of knowledge for making the transition from military to civilian flying. I have been using the rough draft during my transition and can tell you, it changed my approach, helped my resume, and got me hired at a major!

-Jeff L.

5 Star: A Great Resource as I prepare the Next Steps in my Career

I got this book after spending over a year figuring out this stuff "the hard way" on my own, and its been a great resource as I prepare the next steps in my career. It's confirmed some things I already knew, but has given a far better step by step approach to preparing and actually applying for an airline job. Even if you've already submitted apps or have landed your first post-mil job, or if you're already in the industry but trying to step up to the majors, this book is an incredible resource. It is also very easy to read, very well written so each chapter naturally leads you to the next one.


5 Star: A must read for all military pilots!

This book is a must read for any military pilot whether or not you think you want to transition to civilian flying. You never know what the future holds and being prepared is half the battle! There are lots of things Marc writes about that I wish I had known when I was a Lieutenant. Anyone desiring a career in the airlines will benefit from his experience/research based advice, but it is particularly geared toward transitioning military pilots. Order it now!!!

J. Leicht

5 Star: THE best military to airline transition book out there!

Outstanding read and if you're looking for a one stop resource to find the latest information on making a transition from the military to the airlines, this is it. The resources on are extremely helpful as well and definitely worth the additional purchase. I've already recommended this book to a couple buddies and would do the same for anybody that's thinking of making that transition!

5 Star: Very Helpful, Even for Someone Several Years Out of the Cockpit

This book is not only helpful to current or very recent military pilots looking to transition to an airline, but former pilots like myself who've been out of the military and out the cockpit for several years will also find the information herein very helpful. If you are reading this, do yourself a favor, stop being so cheap, and fork out the few dollars this book costs to buy yourself some knowledge.

5 Star

This book has opened my eyes and prepared me for the journey which is the transition to the airlines. Huge shout out to Marc for his work in sharing his lessons learned with the “bros”! I wish I had read this early in my career so that I could have prepared along the way. Highly recommend you read this if you are a mil pilot. Also, get it for that new mil pilot that you know. Friends that recently transitioned have said they wish they would have read this.

-Jeremy, C-17 pilot

5 Star: The single best transition resource I've seen

I was very excited for the release of this book and I was not disappointed. I had been perusing online resources and finding the process and information very fragmented. This book makes a comprehensive list of things you need to do for a successful transition. Great job and many thanks Marc!

5 Star: Five Stars

Very interesting and detailed reading. This really highlights the perspective, and "to-do" list, of becoming an Airline Pilot.


5 Star: Great book for military pilots going commercial-also for anyone making momentous career changes

Lt. Colonel Himelhoch has written a book for military pilots from the U.S. Armed Services transitioning from military to commercial civilian flying (i.e., “the gouge”). No doubt the U.S. military trains the fortunate and deserving few in aviation piloting but civilian life is another dimension as compared to military life. Cockpit 2 Cockpit is written so that pilots retiring from military service can enter commercial aviation piloting with a plan. No reacting here—as the military does, train like you fight and fight like you train.

LtC Himelhoch’s approach is marked by experience and calculation with thought and effort placed where most effective. Check lists are especially handy (even to the number and costs of suits required for interviews). Indeed, this is the book for the transitioning professional pilot.

It is also the book for anyone making a career transition as Himelhoch’s strategy, thinking and detailed lists are aptly applicable, as well. The thinking and experience Himeelhoch easily exudes give confidence borne of observation and long periods of analysis. It also serves as a primer to seek anyone’s first, or next professional job.

From ROPs* to paperwork to advice on the good versus the bad people one will meet in the process of job hunting Himelhoch pens a lifetime of succesful experience. Like the excellent pilot he must be—his thinking is ahead of the airplane. This title is about action, not reaction, which is the better method utilized to be succesful. This book, in the final analysis, is first for the military pilot venturing into the gouge but is equally suited for any professional job seeker.

* Record of Performance and pronounced as “ropes”

-Joseph May

5 Star

I just wanted to give my highest recommendation for Cockpit 2 Cockpit. It really helped me to navigate the stressful process of applying for an airline job. Although I work with many people who have already gone through this process it was still very time consuming and stressful. Cockpit 2 Cockpit answered all the questions that I had and directed me to where I needed to go to get all the required information for the process. In addition to the book being very helpful, I also found it to be an entertaining read as a military pilot. I have now been given a chance at another one of my lifelong dreams of becoming an Airline pilot due to Marc Himelhoch and his book Cockpit 2 Cockpit. I was able to be hired on my first attempt after only 4 months of having my application submitted! It was 30 dollars well spent!

-Austin H., C-17 pilot

5 Star: Great resource for transitioning military pilots

Great checklist to have for those transitioning into the airlines! Lots of topics are covered with clear advice. I like the fact that Marc gave examples from his own transition, including parts where he fell short and how he recovered. Always good to hear how someone else before you has made the leap. Lots of detailed techniques are offered, which is a nice change from always hearing "well, it depends...".

Also - great section on how to prepare for transition out of the military. Definitely a topic that continually bites many military pilots year after year.

This book saves a ton of time and allows you to take action - instead of just thinking about it.

-Chris K.

5 Star: Everything you could ask for and more on the subject of transition from military aviation to airlines.

The cover of the book really does sum it up. If you are a military aviator and even considering transitioning to the airlines, this is an absolute must have resource. I'm glad I got my copy early, and am very much looking forward to applying the advice and guidance contains within.

If you're thinking about getting the book, just pull the trigger and do it!


5 Star

This is a great book that was very easy to read. You will want to read twice because there are a lot of good nuggets about the transition from military flying to the civilian cockpit. I wish I would have thought of the topics he discusses 20+ years prior to my retirement. This book/checklist is good for the 2 year aviator or the 20 year pilot.

-Todd, F-16 pilot

5 Star

Marc's book is a must read for military and civilian pilots alike preparing for the airlines. His book is what every pilot wants to prepare: a checklist to prepare for the airlines with all the notes warnings and cautions included as great story telling.


5 Star

Great read for any pilot interested in flying for the airlines. This book gives a ton of insight on the hiring process and showed me plenty of things that I didn't know. This book needs to be in every squadron!

-Chris, F-16

I've read the whole book and used some of your digital products already.  Great stuff. I actually bought a second book for a buddy of mine out here who hopes for an airline job when he retires.  Plenty of airline talk out here in Kabul!

This book serves as an outstanding conceptual framework to begin your airline application process and demystifies a considerable amount of esoteric knowledge into easy-to-understand and actionable information. It's a staple for anyone transitioning from military to airline careers.

-Cody, B-52 pilot

Marc- I’m sure you get this a lot, but I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your book. It’s a great read that simplified and clarifies a process which, when looked at from “before”, is daunting. So thank you!

-Joseph W.

I just received C2C in the mail this weekend, and my wife and I have already read it through. Great book, very timely, answered a ton of questions that I have. Thank you for putting this book together, I will be buying the support package shortly in order to get after the checklist items!

-Eric, USMC pilot

5 Star

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. With 3 years to go before my military exit date, this is a crucial insight of what is to follow. I have made a huge stack of notes and will be using all the tools provided in this book to shape my path. Consider this literature essential reading for every military pilot, even those at the start of their careers. The earlier, the better. Spending a few dollars now could make the difference for you. Invest in your future, buy the book.

-Andrew, RAF King Air 350 pilot