Cockpit2Cockpit Book Launch Press Release

For Immediate Release

November 10, 2016


New First-of-Its-Kind Resource Announced for Veteran Pilots to Secure Jobs with Airlines


Cockpit2Cockpit teaches military pilots how to successfully transition to an airline career


(Dallas, TX) — In honor of Veterans Day, Cockpit2Cockpit is now offered to pilots as the first tool designed to teach military pilots how to land a second flying career as airline pilots. This guide is a win-win for veteran pilots and an airline industry hungry for their valuable aviation experience in a time of unprecedented airline pilot retirements and airline growth.

 In its report to Congress in 2014, the General Accounting Office (GAO) reported U.S. airlines would need to hire between 70,000 to 95,000 pilots over the next 20 years (with 45,000 of those needed in the next 10 years) to keep up with projected FAA mandated age 65 retirements for airline pilots and projected growth in the airline industry.

 “Transitioning from being a military pilot to being hired by the airlines is one of the most challenging times in a pilot’s life,” said retired USAF Lt Col Marc Himelhoch, author of Cockpit2Cockpit and Southwest Airlines pilot. “No veteran pilot should have to experience the stress of the unknown. The information about how to make the dream a reality is widely scattered across various sources. Cockpit2Cockpit packages all the information into one resource and simplifies the hiring process for other pilots who are either transitioning to the airlines now or considering it in the future.”

Cockpit2Cockpit is a new resource, not only for military pilots who are near the end of their time in service, but also for those just starting out. The book covers a range of topics including: how to log flight times; keeping a journal of stories that might be useful for future airline interviews; how to create a pilot résumé; and how, where and when to fill out airline pilot applications. The book also provides recommendations on a range of services available to pilots to help them attain and prepare for airline interviews, including direct-sourced airline hiring department tips for increasing a pilot’s chances of getting an interview.

In addition to the book, the Cockpit2Cockpit Support Package is offered as a resource for pilots, including a series of spreadsheets, templates and examples designed to save pilots time and aid in staying organized throughout the airline transition process.

“Pilots have a wicked sense of humor,” said Himelhoch. “We’ve all suffered enough death by PowerPoint during our military careers. Cockpit2Cockpit takes the perspective of two pilots swapping stories over a beer on Friday, keeping readers entertained while they learn.”

A 2016 Bloomberg News article cited that the 10 largest U.S. air carriers are collectively facing 30,000 mandatory pilot retirements (50% of all pilots currently employed by those airlines) in the next 10 years resulting in a deficit of 15,000 airline pilots by the year 2026. In response, the airline industry has increased hiring to historic levels. 

Cockpit2Cockpit emphasizes that even though the airlines are hiring at an increased rate, getting an interview and job offer is not automatic, even for highly experienced military pilots. Those pilots who don’t make the effort to educate themselves about the process may find their airline transition taking longer than expected, or they might have to settle for working for an airline that was not their top choice. With Cockpit2Cockpit as a guide, pilots can be well informed without having to reinvent the wheel to succeed in the next phase of their career.

The book, to be released on November 10, before Veterans Day, has already been picked up by The Pilot Network (TPN) to produce a fully interactive online learning management course based on the contents of Cockpit2Cockpit . TPN is a private Facebook group with more than 9,000 members, most of whom are military pilots and airline hopefuls.

“The Pilot Network member response has been extremely positive during the prelaunch campaign for Cockpit2Cockpit , and we are proud to partner with Cockpit2Cockpit to help bring this valuable information to our members,” said Matt Swee, co-founder of TPN.


About Cockpit2Cockpit, LLC:

Commercial airlines love hiring military pilots, yet getting hired can be a challenge. With the help of Cockpit2Cockpit, learn how to land a lucrative second career as an airline pilot. Retired Lt Col Marc Himelhoch interviewed and received conditional job offers from Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines and XOJET. Now he shares this detailed guide with proven tips and tricks you need to transition from military to airline aviation. If you’re a military pilot, past or present, seeking a future airline career, Cockpit2Cockpit will help turn your dream into a reality!

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